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After a hard day of coping with work and marriage problems two men of different backgrounds arrive at a cafe where a trivial argument escalates into a serious fight.

Writer/Director: Majid Bagheri

Assistant Director: Pedro Loro Avis

Director of Photography: Soran Mardookhi

Sound Recordist: Cailean Watt

Sound Design and Mix: Mike Nezami

Production Assistants: Shilo St. Cyr, Sepeher Jalali

Cast: Mahbod Rouhani, Jack Christofferson, Pasha Farajollahi, Al Dales, Don Frith, Mansour Firrozbakhsh, Karly Palmer, Maxwell Boateng, Nancy von Euw, Lulu 7, Camilla Mahal, Shirin Abtahai

Music: Gilad Atzmon