Final Master



An electrical engineer by profession, Kamal Yamolky had no acting experience before Turbulence. Born in 1933 in the Iraqi Kurdistan, Kamal has called Canada home since 1996. After the Anfal Kurdish genocide of 1988 led by Saddam Hussein in which 180,000 Kurds of Northern Iraq perished, Kamal founded LAFNA, a humanitarian organization dedicated to assisting the survivors of the genocide. He is currently conducting research in the field of electrical engineering. 





After spending time in Europe and South America, Camillia currently makes her residence in Vancouver. Having studied various methods of acting in Vancouver and London, Camillia is currently studying at Hampton Studios and has most recently completed the filming of “the Whispers” pilot series in which she had a co-starring role. Turbulence was her first lead role in a feature film. 




Nasyar Awil, Serwan Yamolky, Jenn Haffner, Rzgar Hama Rashed, Jack Christofferson,
Jovan Arsic, Zanyar Farhadi, Muaid Mahmood, Shallaw Kadir, Naz Jaff, Brenda Bauder,
Lorraine Forster, Jalah Abbas, Andrea Vawda, Meagan Buggey, Anita Zanganeh,
Sophia N. Afshar, Elika Mojtabaei, Adam Demian Grant, Jason Asincion,
Kasey Ryne Mazak, Nancy von Euw, Bill Marles, Theo Koroler-Barber,
Reza Rad, Mahbod Rohani, Parham Mehrgan, Ryan Mutama,
Ari Mensurian, Pedro Loro, Fabian Reitz, Dara Ali